How to burn down churn in your subscription business
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In this free guide to using data science to solve churn, 
you'll discover...
  •  Cutting-edge tools to run analyses beyond what you can do in Excel
  •  Why most data scientists don't bother with  with customer engagement
  •  A checklist to walk you step-by-step through using data to answer the questions your team is dying to know
"If I have a data problem, I can bring it to Matt"
My 20-person engineering team tried all the obvious things to improve our onboarding. 

I'm thankful we have Matt on speed dial, because he took us from random guessing to educated guessing. 

With just half a percentage in improvement, it can add millions of dollars to our annual revenue.
Ryan Montgomery
Chief Technology Officer - Clickfunnels
"Matt's on speed dial for me"
A lot of people who do analytics can build a spreadsheet and give you a one off answer. But then in 3 months when you say, we need to refresh it, a lot of people can't do it...they have to rebuild it again. 

When I want go to the next set of multi-variable equations or find a way to programmatically repeat an analytical process, I look at Matt as my trusted resource. We've worked well together in the past, and we're excited to do it again.

Brian Watkins
Currently VP of Ecommerce - Bulletproof 360
"When it comes to algorithms, Matt knows his stuff"
His greatest strength is that he tends to view every thing as a business problem first and a technology problem second. 

He's much more interested in providing real solutions to business problems than playing with the latest and greatest new fad in technology.
Jeremy Green
Founder - Remarq.io and Cloud HDR
"Outstanding to work with in every way"
He's clearly knowledgable and an expert in his space. More importantly though, he's a clear communicator and a leader. 

Matt has been dedicated to seeing his tasks through to completion and helping others on the team do so as well.
Michael Paladino
Co-founder - RevUnit
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